Carol and Grace

Carol and Grace

One of my Favorite small shops of all time has to be Carol and Grace.
I absolutely love her Bath Products. Bath Bombs, Bath Melts, Bath Steamers and much more. You can't go wrong with anything you purchase.  

The Owner, Ashley Lives in Washington State with her Husband Brandon (Mr. Bath Bombs), and her three kids, Brea, Ayla, and Wyatt.
Ashley started her business in April 2014. After the loss of a child, Ashley was suffering from PTSD and needed something to help her cope, and combat her anxiety and trauma. I mentioned to Ashley that she had so much drive and it was incredible after all herself and her family have gone through she still has the drive to keep going and creating. Ashley responded "It's not a drive, its my trauma, and the only thing that calms me. When I'm having a bad day I go in my studio and I create. Some of my best work is from Trauma."  

Ashley and Brandons' kids are what keeps her going, she never wants her children to see her quit her dream. She would love for her business to continue to grow and one day her girls can take over. 

Ashley is an amazing mother, wife and friend. She's dealt with a lot, a lot more than one person or family should. We over here at Take a Little Whiff Wax Co love Ashley and her shop and honestly I don't think my daughter would love any other Bath Bombs as much as she loves CG Bath Bombs.

Please head over to her site and use Code TALWCG for a discount on your next order.  Also, Join her VIP for sneak peaks!



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